How to Choose The Best Shoulder Surgeon in Sydney

Professor George Murrell Director of the Orthopaedic Research Institute at St George Hospital and Professor at the UNSW

George A C Murrell

MBBS (Adel), MD (UNSW), DPhil (Oxon)

Professor George Murrell is an experienced orthopaedic surgeon specialising in all aspects of shoulder and elbow surgery, including AC joint pathology, shoulder trauma, shoulder reconstruction, shoulder replacement surgery and the repair of rotator cuff tears.

At George Murrell Shoulders, we offer personalised shoulder surgery and orthopaedic care delivered by a team of committed Sydney shoulder specialists.

Why choose our orthopedic Sydney services?

Our shoulder and elbow surgeons have extensive experience in all areas of scientific and clinical work.

This is how we have gained a reputation for being the best orthopedic surgeon, Sydney wide.


Your orthopaedic surgeon will diagnose and address all forms of shoulder trauma, and utilise advanced shoulder surgery techniques to help restore mobility, flexibility and movement.


Whether it’s shoulder instability, AC joint pain, shoulder stiffness, rotator cuff damage, arthritis, dislocations or loss of movement, our shoulder and elbow surgeons will provide a precise diagnosis and devise a care plan that addresses all your concerns.

Rotator cuff surgery

Depending on the nature of the injury, we use a range of approaches for rotator cuff tears.

These can include arthroscopic rotator cuff repair, synthetic patch repair or reverse total shoulder surgery.

Every patient who undergoes one of these procedures will have a unique journey to recovery.

Your shoulder surgeon will devise customised physiotherapy protocols to support the gradual increase of shoulder strength and flexibility which are adapted to your unique needs.


Shoulder instability

The structure of the shoulder means that it is very flexible but is also susceptible to becoming dislocated.

Surgical stabilisation can address this problem, particularly when it occurs in young people. Keyhole surgery (or arthroscopy) is especially effective and can reduce the risk of future dislocations and instability.


Frozen shoulder

Shoulder pain or stiffness is common and can occur spontaneously or as the result of an injury. In older people, this can manifest as idiopathic adhesive capsulitis, more commonly known as frozen shoulder.

Frozen shoulder can resolve of its own accord, but it can take as long as 2 ½ years; an alternative is arthroscopic capsular release using keyhole surgery.

We then support patients with a specialised physiotherapy protocol featuring a rapid, intensive rehabilitation program.

The combination of keyhole surgery and physiotherapy for frozen shoulder produces immediate, often amazing, results and gets patients back to work and vigorous activities within days.


What makes George Murrell Shoulders the best orthopaedic surgeon Sydney patients can choose?

At George Murrell Shoulders, orthopaedic shoulder care is our speciality.

We provide a range of treatments, from minimally invasive shoulder ligament repairs to comprehensive shoulder reconstruction and total shoulder replacement.

Our team is led by Professor George Murrell, an internationally renowned shoulder surgeon who has extensive orthopaedic surgery qualifications and has pioneered innovative shoulder function diagnosis and recovery, including the development of keyhole surgery.


Meet Professor George Murrell, orthopedic specialist sydney

Professor George Murrell is regarded as one of the leading Sydney orthopaedic specialists and is renowned as a shoulder and elbow surgeon.

After completing surgical training in Adelaide, Oxford, Cambridge and Duke University, Professor Murrell undertook a two-year fellowship in sports medicine and shoulder surgery at the Hospital for Special Surgery, Cornell University, and the the New York Giants with Dr Russell Warren, before establishing himself a leading Sydney shoulder surgeon.

Further to his work as an orthopaedic surgeon and the development of advanced shoulder surgery techniques, Professor Murrell also serves on the editorial boards of a number of leading international orthopaedic journals.


Why choose our Shoulder specialist Sydney clinic?

If you are searching for who is the best shoulder surgeon in Sydney, or looking for high quality orthopaedic services, such as rotator cuff repair, total shoulder replacement, reverse shoulder replacement, the management of shoulder trauma or shoulder reconstruction surgery, then get in touch with George Murrell Shoulders.

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