Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 Update

YES. We are open to sort out your shoulder.

Our staff have implemented a number of strategies to ensure your safety.


  • We are happy to see you with a referral from your doctor (electronic is fine).
  • We are also happy to see you without a referral – though the medicare reimbursement may be less.
  • We can scan (xray and/or ultrasound) your shoulder at the same visit, so you don’t need imaging before we see you. If you do have imaging, please bring along.
  • Where possible, routine follow ups (for example reviewing results) we can do over the phone (telemedicine).
  • If you need an operation, Prof Murrell has regular lists at Kogarah Private Day Hospital and St George Private Hospital – and they are working fine.
  • St George (Public) Hospital is no longer available for elective surgery.
  • Contact us to make an appointment.


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