Shoulder Overview

Disorders of the shoulder are common and often disabling, affecting all age groups but particularly prevalent among individuals active in sports, and those whose work or recreation involves overhead activities. The clinical tests and imaging modalities used to diagnose shoulder pain have advanced significantly, as have methods to treat shoulder problems. Fortunately, we are moving out of the era of a “black box” for shoulder pain into an era where conditions can be diagnosed specifically and treated rapidly and effectively. At George Murrell Shoulders, our shoulder specialists in Sydney utilize these advanced diagnostic techniques and treatment methods to provide comprehensive care. From precise imaging to targeted interventions, our goal is to ensure swift and effective recovery for all shoulder-related issues. This includes state-of-the-art shoulder surgery in Sydney, tailored to the unique needs of each patient, enabling them to return to their active lifestyles with confidence.


Major conditions affecting the shoulder


There are actually relatively few diagnoses to make when considering shoulder dysfunction. The shoulder can be too loose – (shoulder instability) or too stiff (frozen shoulder), the rotator cuff can dysfunction or there may be a fracture or arthritis. These disorders account for over 95% of all shoulder conditions.

Problem Structure Age Group
Instability Labrum-capsule 17-30
Stiffness Capsule 40-60
Impingement Rotator cuff fatigue 30-60
Rotator cuff tear Rotator cuff especially supraspinatus 50+
AC joint pain AC joint cartilage 20-40
Arthritis Gleno-humeral joint cartilage 70+
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