Diagnosing shoulder conditions is the first step towards targeted treatment and recovery. George Murrell Shoulders specialises in identifying a range of shoulder issues, utilising advanced modern diagnostic techniques. From younger adults experiencing shoulder instability or AC joint pain to older individuals dealing with stiffness, rotator cuff tears, or arthritis. Symptoms like instability, dislocations (or ‘the shoulder coming out of the joint’), pain during overhead activities, and loss of movement are carefully evaluated using clinical tests tailored to each condition. Whether it’s managing impingement syndrome, addressing frozen shoulder, or evaluating arthritis-related symptoms, our clinic is equipped to provide precise diagnosis and subsequent care plans for all your shoulder-related concerns.

ProblemAge GroupSymptomsDiagnosis
Instability17-30DislocationsHistory of dislocation Apprehension sign
Stiffness40-60PainLoss of external rotation Pain
Impingement30-60Pain with overhead activities Pain at nightImpingement signs
Rotator cuff tear50+Pain and difficulty performing overhead activitiesImpingement signs Weakness of external rotation Weakness of supraspinatus
AC joint pain20-40Localised AC joint painBell (modified O’Brien sign)
Arthritis70+Pain Loss of movementCrepitus