Congratulations to Jordan McGrath

Congratulations to Jordan McGrath

For having his paper published online in the Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery: read article here.

I believe this is a very important paper because it’s the first to show that patients who have a stiff shoulder and rotator cuff tear are better off being managed early, treating the stiff shoulder and the rotator cuff tear in one sitting, rather than waiting for the stiffness to resolve.

Many surgeons and health care providers have thought that when a patient has a stiff shoulder and rotator cuff tear, it is better to let the frozen shoulder component of their problem resolve before doing surgery. Our data, in fact, shows that these patients have excellent outcomes.

Their stiffness improves to near normal over six months and the repair rate following rotator cuff repair is the highest we have ever seen with no re-tears at six months in our cohort of patients who had arthroscopic capsular release and rotator cuff repair.

Download the pdf here